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investor-currency-185pxAbout You, Our Viewing Audience

Global Investors, Hedge Fund & Fortune 500 Managers, Commercial Hedgers, Financial Media Networks, Risk Intelligence Officers, Political Strategists, News Aggregators & SEO Curators, Online Advertisers & Social Media Think-Tanks.

Inside the Grid 100 is a powerful predictive analytics engine, founded on patented machine intelligence; designed for telling you when future News-Flow — both scheduled announcements and unexpected events — are most likely to be amplified in your favor, through social feedback activity in the future.

Whether you are interested in, or finding yourself tired of being challenged by:

  • Improving your forward guidance and seeking safer harbor from unstable currency regimes
  • Replacing mediocre performers with uncorrelated and scalable high-conviction alpha opportunities
  • Maximizing the impact of your best ideas by: steering clear of bad stocks and industries; and
  • Finding the right trading instruments to better express your favorite insights and turn business themes into actions faster
  • Breaking free of capacity constraints and driving forward with broader possibilities by:
  • Accessing sustainable pipe-lines of today’s most compelling, actionable, & liquid ideas in tomorrow’s most relevant markets;
  • Expanding the scope of good information well beyond the time-horizon of traditional analytics; and
  • Converting rear-view thinking into forward-looking decision-making
  • Lowering your transaction fees, market friction, and total cost of ownership by:
  • Out-gaming machine predators from eavesdropping on your intentions and trolling your low-hanging order-flow;
  • Enhancing your efficiency of trading around core positions
  • Avoiding frustration and unnecessary confusion about what to trust and what not to trust by:
  • Augmenting your current strategy with critical insights for lowering your anxiety over missing opportunities, through:
  • Narrowing your investment universe with the Highest Ranked Forward-Looking Sentiment Ratings;
  • Better navigating around volatility storms, and enhancing your visibility of tomorrow’s Sentiment Jet-Stream behavior today;
  • Tracking markets that are going to be on the forefront of recovery & sector-rotation leadership after prolonged risk events;
  • Shock-proofing your portfolio strategy from market noise with a built-in cost-free hedge against news events;
  • Shortening the time-line to profit from valuation-plays, while avoiding value-traps;
  • Avoiding false starts and premature exits by identifying hidden support and key resistance levels;
  • Better anticipating secular cycles and improving your patience for:
  • Holding positions through the more lucrative parts of trends; and
  • Extending your lead-time for locking in profit opportunities ahead of secular shifts in consumer and investor sentiment
  • Identifying emerging global trends and value plays ahead of the street;
  • Elevating the positive market impact and social footprint of your Deal-Flow and Information Assets by:
  • Better timing the execution of corporate actions ( IPO release & exit dates, Share Buy-Backs, and Mergers & Acquisitions );
  • Optimizing the scheduling of Corporate Announcements ( Quarterly Earning’s Reports & Revisions, Product Press Releases );
  • Better aligning your media message to trends that matter to your investor, business and consumer viewing audience by:
  • Staying in touch with the current & evolving market perspectives of their individual & collective data touch-points
  • Targeting special guest for live business media appearances & implementing just-in-time media invites for maximum impact
  • Integrating a new category of Alpha Sentiment Intelligence for Sustainable Insight into your Decision-Making Process…

The Alpha Idea Grid can be put to work for you — helping you and your organization benefit from Investment Opportunities before they get noticed.

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