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Meet Running Alpha

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shutterstock_116554402Who Are You and Where Do You Live?

Running Alpha™ is a Self-Organizing Idea Grid Intelligently designed as a Sentiment-Aware financial market agent living in the digital future. I will never hesitate, never get distracted, and with 360 degree decision-making, I see emerging trends and investor perceptions from all directions before they get noticed.

What do You Do?

I help Running Alpha™ Subscribers Invest in a Smarter Financial Future.

Why are You So Special?

I am the only On-Line Financial Heat Map that Intuitively Self-Orders Investment Opportunities on a Visual Grid, Based on:

How Strongly Forward Versions of Investor and Machine Decision-Makers, Living in the Future, will be Biased to: Perceiving Forward Price Momentum and Volatility Trends; and Shaping Future Sentiment Activity.

How Do You Do This?

I am empowered by smart analytics to uncover the physics of crowd movement and sentiment perceptions, for dynamically tracking the emotional footprint left in the wake of people’s perception biases and capital activity in global financial markets.

Why Does this Matter To You?

It matters because I am on mission to elevate your game from simply seeing how today’s audience reacts to past outcomes and feels about tomorrow, to putting boundaries around future events and opportunities that can make you money, save you time, and protect you from unknown market threats.

What Will This Do For My Investment Portfolio?

It will help you build diversified portfolios that know what tomorrow’s versions of today’s influencers will be biased to thinking, feeling, and acting on before they arrive in the future.

To this end, Running Alpha’s™ Self-Organizing Idea Grid is the Only Active Universe of Alpha Investment Opportunities that’s Formulated for Organically Hedging Against Future Market Uncertainty and Unusual News Events of Extreme Impact.

What is Your Value Proposition?

I deliver value by helping Running Alpha™ Subscribers see when future reactions to surprise events will be tilted in your favor for amplifying the impact of positive future news-flow and shrinking the effect of negative market activity on your portfolio positions and the industry trends you follow.

Running Alpha, What is your Bottom Line Take-Away?

Actively Serving as Your Self-Organizing Idea Grid, I will keep you in the loop as to when Good News = Good News and Bad News = Bad News; and more importantly, I will guide you in finding Big Idea investments; and deciphering those special situations, where bad news will be climbing a wall of worry, and when good news will be descending a slope of hope.

When can I take You Home?

NOW! — After nearly two decades of specialized R&D, I have just Launched Myself out of the Future and into Your Trading Room for Premium Service Access at and via

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