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Extracting Profits From Crypto-Currencies | Running Alpha Opens New Ground in Data-Driven Decision-Making: Introducing AI-Powered Quantum Machines

by efrem on Tuesday December 12, 2017 at 10:41 pm EST | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Running Alpha is the first AI-Powered Algorithmic Machine Intelligence Framework that was designed from the ground up to:

organically simulate how nature uses quantum computing principles for circumventing the constraints of processing exponentially big chunks of classical data ( visible information ) in real-time.

In-house proprietary technology is used for transforming data into an encrypted superposition of quantum entangled states — each representing the observed event from a unique viewing perspective; independent of human or machine observation.

Adapted from the founder’s U.S. patents on Autonomous Hierarchical Assemblies of Artificial Neural Networks — for giving early warning of tornado outbreaks from 3D atmospheric radar imagery — the parameters underlying the conversion process were discovered.

Up until now, conventional machine intelligence can only learn by example in sequence; and because they require a very large number of past examples to recognize variation and identify change, many of today’s newer data sets of finite length impose a roadblock to innovating data-driven applications.

Even in those situations where the data history is not limited, legacy classical algorithms are unable to leverage the capabilities offered by Running Alpha’s massively-parallel one-shot training process (self-generated), which takes into account gauge symmetries — the unchanging geometric relationships among the viewing perspectives (quantum states) that lead to emergent structure in the real-world; and as such, traditional AI platforms are ill-designed for detecting anomalies in data we have never seen before.

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Is Your Investment Strategy Smarter Than Mother Nature?

by raadmin on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 8:45 pm EST | Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Most investment organizations today, no matter how richly diverse their data or complex their strategies or computing power, lack access to the most crucial variables: your competitors perception space; and how their differing range of measurement observations and data-slicing of the world-trends around them collectively interact in dynamic and highly non-linear ways to create sentiment decision-biases that no one market actor can extract from the vantage point of their own perceptive.

To address these challenges, Running Alpha offers every day investors, wealth managers, and global media syndicators a tractable and cost-effective solution for harnessing the higher-dimensional ‘perception-surplus’ of the world’s competing Influencers, Big-Data Intelligence Paradigms, and the Scientific Inspirations and Practical Insights that drive them.

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