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Life changing information on HardAsset Investments: GOLD, SILVER, DigitalCurrencies, and Decentralized Finance ( #DeFi), and more

Access Life changing information on #HardAsset#investments#GOLD $GLD, $GDX, #SILVER $SLV, $SILJ #DigitalCurrencies#DeFi, $ETHUSD $BTCUSD and more! from my feature guest interview on the HeartcoreHustle, with show host Felcia Pizzonia ( live-streamed on July 31st, 2020 ).

To learn how you can lever disruptive #uncertainty for competitive advantage in today’s new global-economic reality, I shared actionable insights at the intersection of crowd physics, finance, digital currency, #tokenomics, and #blockchain technology, discovered in my two decades of predictive intelligence experience in world #CapitalMarkets.

For direct, live access to Time-Relevant Market Intelligence, from my trading desk, on Silver, Gold, Digital Currencies, Life-Changing #Biotech#5G#IoT#Semiconductor Stocks and their Inter-market bias, enter promo code: 63nuQCsZ expires August 9th 2020 ) at:

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Extracting Profits From Crypto-Currencies | Running Alpha Opens New Ground in Data-Driven Decision-Making: Introducing AI-Powered Quantum Machines

by efrem on Tuesday December 12, 2017 at 10:41 pm EST | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Running Alpha is the first AI-Powered Algorithmic Machine Intelligence Framework that was designed from the ground up to:

organically simulate how nature uses quantum computing principles for circumventing the constraints of processing exponentially big chunks of classical data ( visible information ) in real-time.

In-house proprietary technology is used for transforming data into an encrypted superposition of quantum entangled states — each representing the observed event from a unique viewing perspective; independent of human or machine observation.

Adapted from the founder’s U.S. patents on Autonomous Hierarchical Assemblies of Artificial Neural Networks — for giving early warning of tornado outbreaks from 3D atmospheric radar imagery — the parameters underlying the conversion process were discovered.

Up until now, conventional machine intelligence can only learn by example in sequence; and because they require a very large number of past examples to recognize variation and identify change, many of today’s newer data sets of finite length impose a roadblock to innovating data-driven applications.

Even in those situations where the data history is not limited, legacy classical algorithms are unable to leverage the capabilities offered by Running Alpha’s massively-parallel one-shot training process (self-generated), which takes into account gauge symmetries — the unchanging geometric relationships among the viewing perspectives (quantum states) that lead to emergent structure in the real-world; and as such, traditional AI platforms are ill-designed for detecting anomalies in data we have never seen before.

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Global Crisis Alert System Flags S&P 500 Market, BitCoin, and NVDA for Instability From Aug – October

by efrem on Thursday August 3, 2017 at 10:01 pm EST | Tags: , , , , , ,

Running Alpha’s Global Crisis Alert System has flagged the S&P 500 multi-fractal market structure on 3 axes of change ( Valuation, Liquidity, and Volatility ) for severe instability ahead.

The S&P 500 Market Meltdown is extremely near and in clear visibility across all time-frames from micro-structure to longer tail-horizons we focus on; once price breaches the 2460.25 to 2459.75 price zone on the September Futures S&P e-mini contract then this opens the flood gates for a massive plunge lower; and once below 2400, watch out!

The Tail-Risk Threat spans a window beginning anytime as early as starting before Aug 11th/14th +/- 3 days upward to October month end. This time zone marks the initiation of a Severe Correction ; so any rallies after this break will be severely limited in nature and time dimension. VIX should soar.

Also supporting these market views by Running Alpha is an independent research note by JP Morgan, where Marko Kolanovic, Global Head of Equity Derivatives and Delta One Strategy, sites a collapse in the correlation among equities & equity sectors in the benchmark indices, which have been shown to offer precursor signatures of market instability ahead. The S&P correlation matrix today is similar to what was observed in in 1993 and 2000, just prior to the 1994 sell off & 2001 Bear trend.

As indicated in a July 27th article by Tae Kim, an Investment Journalist at CNBC, along with CNBC’s Michael Bloom who contributed to this story —

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Toronto Fintech Firm Leverages the Power of Financial Uncertainty and Stretches the Limits of Human Perception and Machine Intelligence

Start Leveraging the Power of Financial Uncertainty and Stretching Your Limits of Human Perception and Machine Intelligence —

This is where Running Alpha comes in!

Efrem Hoffman, CEO & Founder of Running Alpha Investments Inc. passionately believes that to move the needle and produce portfolio alpha, you need forward decision-making that sees in all directions.

“STOP A STOCK trade and avoid a catastrophic global financial crash. Seal a microscopic crack and prevent a rocket explosion. Push a button to avert a citywide blackout.” [ Oct 29th, 2013 edition of Wired magazine ]

Though such situations are mostly fantasies, a new analysis framework suggests that certain types of extreme events occurring in complex systems can be predicted and averted.

“A chaotic system may be in flux, and appear like random behavior,” said physicist Daniel Gauthier of Duke University in the Oct. 30 edition of Physical Review Letters, and as appearing in the Oct 29th, 2013 edition of Wired magazine — “USING CHAOS THEORY TO PREDICT AND PREVENT CATASTROPHIC ‘DRAGON KING’ EVENTS .”

Hoffman’s independent research on a more fundamental mathematical physics basis agrees with the article views, which mentions that: “there’s subtle tells of internal structure that leads to destabilizing events.”

Hoffman adds that systematic measurement and perception biases embedded in the market mechanism of publicly-traded auction markets make them not only highly prone to such symmetry-breaking events, but also even more favorably amenable to prediction than using Dragon-King Analysis for studying and predicting super-exponential power law behavior in natural and physical systems.

By looking at “experimental chaotic systems” like the financial markets and the weather, Running Alpha’s founder has been telegraphing when crisis events will be approaching; exploiting market aberrations of these apparent surprise events for competitive advantage.

Through deliberately constructing portfolios, he is now focusing on using these tools for helping activist investors pre-empt or at least tame otherwise extreme and unstable behaviors from adversely impacting investor portfolios.

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Telegraphing Financial Vortices: Your Financial Data is Trying to Tell You Something: Is Your Digital Wealth Management Process Built to Hear it?

Telegraphing Financial Vortices: Your Financial Data is Trying to Tell You Something: Is Your Digital Wealth Management Process Built to Hear it?

The Fintech marketplace is in rapid flux; although we have a myriad of platforms for leveling the playing field between retail and institutional investors, they fall short at addressing the underlying physics of asset price movement and volatility behavior.


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Running Alpha Introduces ComfortShares (TM) Portfolio Indexing Methodology: Shrinking the Gap between Individual Investor and Fund Manager Performance

Toronto, CA June 11th, 2017

Serving as a passionate quantitative portfolio indexing practitioner and principal of the research intelligence and advisory firm, Running Alpha, Efrem Hoffman is actively engaged in developing an exciting new FinTech product, to be called ComfortShares (TM) that will also be the first ETF factor product that will address performance on a new anxiety-adjusted dimension and axis of change — the challenge of shrinking the gap between individual investor returns and fund performance.

The goal is to re-align the business alpha of both smart beta and active alpha managers with individual investor alpha, by not only targeting organic portfolio insurance against emotional and cognitive biases that get in the way of decision-making during episodes of volatility and draw-down, but also offering 360 degree protection during tranquil, low VIX market climates that display frequent episodes of flickering and unusual uncertainty.

The secret sauce lies not only in our proprietary quantitative metrics for constructing portfolios that exploit uncertainty for competitive advantage — via leveraging the collateral benefits of naturally occurring asymmetric sentiment and price feedback mechanisms embedded in the network effects of human and machine perceptions and marketplace interactions —

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How Tornado-Hunting Technology Is Helping Traders and Investors Predict the Financial Markets

Running Alpha’s CEO & Founder, Efrem Hoffman was recently Interviewed by Benzinga for an Exclusive Feature Article, which was released on May 10th, 2017.

The article showcases how Running Alpha, a Toronto-Based Fintech firm is redefining the meaning of information and unlocking new insights into asymmetric sentiment-biases for building smart portfolios that can hedge-for-a-profit instead of a cost against global market uncertainty and tail-risk volatility events.

Running Alpha’s Flagship products, the Grid 100 TM and Focus 15 TM are featured — specifically how they can help professional / retail traders and investors in their search for Alpha.

The article also gives some background on how Efrem Hoffman, the inventor of a new class of Big Data Machine Intelligence — also called DarkSight Algorithmic Technology TM ( Powered by Bottom-Down Artificial Intelligence TM) —

first used for Tornado-Chasing Atmospheric Radar Imagery of Cloud Droplet Reflectivity Patterns in the Sky, is now being applied for addressing the need for efficiently generating Anxiety-Adjusted Returns TM ( True Alpha ):

through Augmenting Human Portfolio Construction and Intelligently Predicting the Sentiment Jet-Stream of Human Perceptions and Investment Capital in World Financial Markets.

For Full Details of this exclusive NASDAQ article, Click Here

NOTE: “The views and opinions expressed in the article are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of NASDAQ, Inc.” []

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The 9th Annual Trading Show Chicago is just around the corner, and Terrapinn is excited to announce the participation of Efrem Hoffman, CEO & Founder, Running Alpha Investments Inc.

by efrem on Thursday April 20, 2017 at 12:58 pm EST | Tags: , , ,

Join Efrem Hoffman, CEO & Founder of Running Alpha Investments, where he will go live as a KeyNote Panel Speaker & Roundtable Moderator of “Perception Arbitrage” & “Smart Beta 3.0” at the 2017 Chicago Trading Show.

Trading Show Chicago is a leading quant & algo trading event that brings together thought-leaders for showcases bleeding edge innovations and actionable research in Automated Trading, Quantitative Strategies, Big Data Finance, Exchange Technology, HPC, and BlockChain infrastructure.

Efrem will be participating in the panel discussion “Trading the Trump factor – a new source of portfolio alpha?” as well as leading roundtables on “perception arbitrage” and “smart beta 3.0.”

Terrapinn is excited to offer a limited number of complimentary VIP passes to qualified buy-side colleagues of Efrem’s from quant hedge funds, trading firms, investment banks, asset managers, pensions, endowment and foundations.

Apply for your VIP pass now >>

Here is a quick snapshot of the 9th annual Trading Show Chicago:

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You are Invited to a Live Interactive Fintech Media “Shindig”

by raadmin on Monday May 16, 2016 at 1:35 pm EST |

Mark Your Calendar: May 18th, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM ( EDT ) 2016

Join Benzinga FinTech Awards Nominee and Finalist, Running Alpha’s CEO and Founder Efrem Hoffman, as he Takes you on a: Virtual Walk into the Future of Global Investing Innovation with an Unusually Predictive and Prescriptive Digital Wealth-Building Advantage —

Efrem will: Explore Today’s Most Relevant Emerging Financial Market Trends; and Show You How You can Start Sharpening Your Edge for Profiting More Efficiently From Disruptive Change in Our Volatile Planet. With Insights and Foresights Powered by Proprietary DarkSite (TM ) Analytics Technology ( built in-house ), You will be be Given a Sneak Preview into a Bleeding-Edge Idea Discovery Platform that is: Re-Inventing the Next Machine Age of Self-Generative Smart Data Analytics Solutions — for: Systematically and Consistently Extracting Scalable Alpha Opportunities, while at the same time Defending Against Unknown Global Threats during episodes of Peak Uncertainty;

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