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Running Alpha Introduces ComfortShares (TM) Portfolio Indexing Methodology: Shrinking the Gap between Individual Investor and Fund Manager Performance

Toronto, CA June 11th, 2017

Serving as a passionate quantitative portfolio indexing practitioner and principal of the research intelligence and advisory firm, Running Alpha, Efrem Hoffman is actively engaged in developing an exciting new FinTech product, to be called ComfortShares (TM) that will also be the first ETF factor product that will address performance on a new anxiety-adjusted dimension and axis of change — the challenge of shrinking the gap between individual investor returns and fund performance.

The goal is to re-align the business alpha of both smart beta and active alpha managers with individual investor alpha, by not only targeting organic portfolio insurance against emotional and cognitive biases that get in the way of decision-making during episodes of volatility and draw-down, but also offering 360 degree protection during tranquil, low VIX market climates that display frequent episodes of flickering and unusual uncertainty.

The secret sauce lies not only in our proprietary quantitative metrics for constructing portfolios that exploit uncertainty for competitive advantage — via leveraging the collateral benefits of naturally occurring asymmetric sentiment and price feedback mechanisms embedded in the network effects of human and machine perceptions and marketplace interactions —

but also through the introduction of a new category of real-time alternative portfolio index reporting, that is deliberately designed for actively engaging the audience. How? — by transparently showing sentiment-aware attributes of alpha production sources on a real-time heat map ( depicting the asymmetric price impact to social sentiment and trader mood ), so that investors can continuously build trust in the outcomes, and thereby elevate Comfort-Adjusted Returns (TM).

This new approach to Comfort Investing (TM ) offers meaningful advantages to traditional portfolio insurance, cash management, client profiling protocols, and personalized investor charters, particularly when trying to optimize the trade-off between long term performance and short-term comfort.

For both active and passive investors and managers looking for safer harbor in one of the most unusually interesting times in history, seek comfort at Running Alpha on its mission for building trust in generating the only true alpha that matters — Comfort-Adjusted Returns (TM).

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