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Part I: Discover the Sectors and High-Impact Equities that will Surge Next — A Major Emerging Market Recovery is Imminent

by efrem on Monday March 14, 2016 at 5:39 pm EST | Tags: , , ,

There are some interesting powerful bullish sector rotation signatures showing up in the Emerging Market Indices ( Compelling opportunities exists, especially if any intra/inter-day dips, because hereon, and especially so toward end of month and after first week of April, any inter/intra-day selling pressure, if it were to occur, will likely be met with heavy bidding of increasing size );


Healthcare space — which bear close watching from as early as now and starting prior to the end of March — pointing to an imminent window of exceptional positive growth as we advance from here into the summer — a series of bullish events in this space should start entering the market and take both institutional market-players and retail decision-makers by surprise, causes a significant short squeeze in many equities.

So any interim intra-week/day dips should be taken as buying opportunities in a big way — upward price persistence will become the order of the day as each rally coming off of any interim dips ( if they were to occur briefly ) will be spectacular in upside capture, yielding a highly favorable upside asymmetric investment pay-off in both, price, time, and volatility.

Metals also joined the party shortly after Running Alpha predicted a large-scale and unusual surge in steel industry prices. Do not be fooled by any pullbacks in this space, as a huge move is still pending with a persistent bullish bias for the coming months.

To discover which specific stocks and ETFs best express these imminent high-impact opportunities, enter the RunningAlpha IdeaGrid and the updates will keep rolling in:

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