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Part III: Discover the Sectors and High-Impact Country ETFs / Equities that will Surge Next — A Major Emerging Market Recovery is In Play

by efrem on Sunday March 20, 2016 at 8:41 pm EST | Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,


Prepared by: RunningAlpha.com :

Helping Investment Fund Allocators Capture Extraordinary Alpha for their Clients by Avoiding Value Traps through Better Timing Their Risk-On/Risk-Off Sector, Country, and Hard-Asset Rotation Strategies.

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What Makes Running Alpha’s Premium Capital Market Trends Service a New Category of Actionable Alpha Investment Intelligence?

Running Alpha’s Capital Market Trends Intelligence gives you significant lead time for telling you exactly when Windows of Investment Opportunity open ( specific time and/or date ) and close ( specific time and/or date ) before market transitions from periods of fear and anger to asymmetric reward-to-risk intervals of persistent high-momentum recoveries, which lead to periods of long-term sustainable growth trajectories — exhibiting a range of sentiment behaviors evolving from surprise ( shock and awe ) to elation, through euphoria. You will find bad news “climbing a wall of worry” and good news getting amplified in your favor during these forecasted Windows of Growth; thereby Significantly Lowering Portfolio Volatility and Generating Sharpe Ratios that are Off the Charts.

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